Tuscany, Italy
$21 / $119.70 / $214.20

This is a great introduction to the region of Montepulciano. 100% Sangiovese, it possesses Mediterranean herb and soil aromas. The mouthfeel is energetic, with a kiss of oak, taut tannins and a smooth, lingering finish. A cool history behind the wine: In 1309, pope Clement V transferred the papal residence from Rome to Avignon, France. In 1377, when pope Gregory XI moved the papal residence back to Rome, some noble families of Avignon left France to follow him. It was at that time, in Italy, that one of those families became known as Avignonesi. Soon, the Avignonesi family separated into three branches and settled in Rome, Siena, and Montepulciano. It is not known exactly when Avignonesi’s wine cellars were built, but they are certainly among the most ancient in Italy. Pair this Tuscan beauty with summer antipasti.