Bardot is a lively wine and beer bar in the heart of historic downtown Portland, Oregon. We serve an eclectic array of wines from the Pacific Northwest and abroad, as well as other obscure and delicious fermented beverages from every corner of the globe. We carry food-friendly Sherries, vermouth and vermouth cocktails, natural wines, funky Basque ciders, Belgian ales and local craft beers… whatever you like, we have something for you.

We serve simple, high-quality charcuterie and cheeses (mostly locally sourced), Spanish and Italian olives and almonds, and top-tier conservas from Spain, all to accompany your choice of beverage. Flights are offered, and our on-site educator is available to speak in depth with you about each beverage selection.

Stop by after work for a drink, or if you’re visiting town, drop by before dinner to begin your evening with a great glass of wine or Champagne. Need a recommendation for a casual bite, or an upscale dining experience? We can help advise you on nearby dining destinations. Downtown Portland has something for every taste and whimsy. Cheers and welcome!