Burgenland, Austria

$20 / $114 / $204

It’s the beaujolais of Burgenland! A blend of St. Laurent and Zweigelt grapes, Puszta Libre! is winemaker Claus’ loose interpretation of Burgenland table wine. According to the importer, the retro style bottle and label pays homage to the vessels once used for lemonade in the 1920s. The name Puszta translates to “prairie” or “plains” in Hungarian and harkens back to a time when the source vineyard sites were once part of Hungary. Libre, of course, is Spanish for “free.”

The packaging of this makes me want drink it like I do a cold half liter of Mexican Coke on a hot summer day. It’s fresh, juicy and fruity, yet just dry and tannic enough to make you remember that you’re an adult. Who is drinking wine. Serve slightly chilled to truly bring out the thirsty kid in you. 😉