anjou demonLoire, France

$18 / $102.60 / $183.60

A savory, rustic medium-bodied Cabernet Franc from the Loire, home of the noble Cabernet which “Cab Sauv” mutated from. Toasted chestnuts and Bing cherries, rounded rustic tannins with hints of baking spice and licorice. CĂ©line and Benoit Blet began this domaine in 2004, taking over a pre-existing vineyard in Oiron. They chose Oiron because of its relative value in the Loire which allows them to make the wine they truly want to make, which is as natural as possible. They farm organically, actively compost, and promote a diverse natural grass cover between the vines. They take advantage of gravity and ambient temperature whenever possible, and limit the additions to the wines to only sulphur at bottling (and never at fermentation). This wine pairs well with earthy dishes made with wild game and with lamb, with accompaniments of olives, feta and preserved lemon.