Southern Rhone Valley, France



The Faraud family produces the most famous, savory, and controversial wines of the southern Rhone valley’s famed Gigondas region (considered the greatest appellation after nearby Chateauneuf-du-Pape). The Faraud family still hand bottles and corks this small production, flagship wine. There are no second bottlings or “super” cuvees. The controversial part comes in where natural winemaking is concerned. There is no more natural a wine than this. Consuming this beauty is like running through the damp forest, taking in aromas of soil, mushrooms, and dried leaves. Tart red pie cherries, tart cranberries, and even some blue/black plum flavors smooth it out some. But it’s the raw power of this wine that has us swooning. Pair now through 2030+ with lamb leg roast. Also with stews featuring mushrooms, onions, red meats, and any meat dish in a heavy reduction. Fantastic wine!

Neil’s Pick