Burgundy, France

$22 / $125.40 / $224.40

Passetoutgrain is one of my favorite Burgundy categories to drink this fall. These wines are classically a blend of Gamay and Pinot Noir, with the caveat that it must be at least 30% Pinot Noir. The wines are typically enjoyed early in their youth and are traditionally fresh and pure. And depending on the producer, the wines can be fairly elegant and bright, or a bit funky and animal-like. I find this particular Passetoutgrain to be exceptionally aromatic, elegant and bright; with pronounced acidity and ripe red and black fruits. George Lignier is a talented winemaker who holds some very impressive vineyards in the region, and he is bringing some light into a very distinct style of winemaking to his family name, recently gaining much international attention.