Upper Mosel, Germany

$18 / $102.60 / $183.60

A sparkling cuvee filled with energetic refreshment and raucous acidity, behaving like the lovechild of a Brut Nature Champagne and lemon La Croix. This is a celebratory sipper meant to be consumed on a random weekday evening. Or to geek out and enjoy with friends over the weekend.

This is produced in the upper Mosel, which is a different place altogether from the Mosel. Instead of Riesling and slate, you have limestone (think Chablis and Sancerre) and a winemaking culture based on one of Europe’s oldest grapes, Elbling. Matthias Hild farms 12 acres in the sleepy town of Wincherin. And he’s doing something that makes pretty much no financial sense: saving old, terraced parcels of Elbling. But it’s important to understand that in this region, Elbling is something of a religion. “It’s a culture, a regional dialect that is spoken through this wine of rigorous purity, of joyous simplicity, of toothsome acidity.” – importer notes