le_fournasCorbieres, France

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Le Fournas, is named after a Syrah vineyard, hidden in the hills of Corbieres on the Mediterranean coastline. A blend of old vine Carignan Noir (45%), Syrah (23%), Grenache Noir (25%) and Mourvèdre (7%). Medium-to-full-bodied with a lot of depth, Le Fournas has a lovely bouquet of black and red currant and dark forest foliage. The palate reveals cassis, plum and wild red fruits, backed by an acidic backbone, flinty minerality and soft tannins giving way to a smooth, lengthy finish. Pair with Mediterranean cuisine, using tomato-based sauces, olives or herbs such as thyme or rosemary. The winery site states that the concentration of fruit and acidity balances rich sauces and particularly ‘red’ poultry/game such as pigeon, duck or guinea fowl.