Burgundy, France

$22 / $125.40 / $224.40

Year in and year out, Sangouard-Guyot proves to be the finest quality-to-price winery in its class in the Portland market, as well as world-over. Of the four tiers, Terroirs is a favorite for focusing on the soil notes and mineral presence of the vineyard site, rather than a luxurious barrique presence (like the Quintessence cuvee). It carries flavors of salt-preserved lemons, chicken broth, and herbal flowery notes, with enough acidity to make one’s eye tick–just as the fresh cream nuances smooth out the long finish, beckoning another bite of crispy duck, fried chicken, and panko crusted halibut with winter vegetables. A must-buy for all lovers of white Burgundy, especially if you need a quantity on hand for every occasion without taking out a mortgage to do so.