Willamette Valley, Oregon

$22 / $125.40 / $224.40

This is a truly exciting wine from the Teutonic folks. The blend is 80% Gewurztraminer and 20% Pinot Noir, which leaves the wine light in body and color but extremely well balanced. You might be surprised at the beautiful gemstone color once you realize it is only a fifth Pinot. The enticing floral nose might also take you by surprise with its sweet sandalwood tones and jasmine, rose petal, and citron notes. The body is light in color but not in texture. Rich red fruits greet the palate and an underlying minerality graces the mid-palate. Initially, the finish is a touch tart, but after opening up for a few minutes it morphs into a graceful ending that will leave you wanting more when the bottle is empty. This wine is a true conversation starter! Get some now before it is gone!